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Midday Moon
€ 15,00

Midday Moon

Tineke de Jong & Albert van Veenendaal



very enjoyable and pleasant & very rich with intelligence in both composition and execution
2009-08-06, Cloud and Clocks, Beppe Colli
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Tineke and Albert started playing regularly from February 2006 to explore a mix between two worlds: a classical violinist inspired by jazz standards and an improvising pianist without style boundaries. Alan and Hans joined later, adding their own unique styles of improvisation.

1 Midday Moon
2 Sunday on Saturn
3 Arctic Blues
4 Night and Day
5 A Man, a Love
6 Moving Air
7 Day Dream
8 Premonition
9 Friendly Fire
10 Pebbles and Rocks
11 Harlem Nocturne
12 We are seeing Things
13 Celtic Boop
14 I told it on the Mountain

Tineke de Jong - violin
Albert van Veenendaal - (prepared) piano
Alan Purves - percussion, penny whistles
Hans Hasebos - marimba, percussion

tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 12, 14 Tineke de Jong
track 4 Cole Porter
track 6 Tineke, Alan and Hans Hasebos
track 7 Ellington/Strayhorn
track 8, 9 Albert van Veenendaal
track 10 Tineke and Albert
track 11 Earle Hagen
track 13 Tineke and Alan Purves


Uw mandje is leeg.